The Super Committee Sham

I want to move on to the super committee. I have a couple of stories here on the super committee. The Republicans and Democrats who have until next Thursday, a week from tomorrow (or I guess it’s today) to come to a deal or else, as it always is, it’s Armageddon of the United States economy. First up is a story here from “Democrats Gain Upper Hand in Deficit Reduction Negotiations.” Now, I just want to tell you that this story, everything in this story is confirmation of what we’ve been saying here from the get-go on this: This whole super committee thing has been an obvious trap. It’s almost — if I didn’t know better, I would have to think — that the Republican leadership wanted it, because this way they can tell the Tea Party types that they have to raise taxes to avoid destroying the military.

Nobody in their mind wants. Nobody wants the military to be destroyed. Not even the liberal Leon Panetta wants that. Now, here’s this story: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday that Democrats will block Republican efforts to torpedo cuts to the Pentagon should the super committee on deficit reduction fail. Reid’s threat is yet another signal that Democrats are preparing for a super committee flop, and are largely comfortable with the cuts that would be triggered if there is no bipartisan agreement. As Republican leaders vow that failure is ‘not an option,’ Reid is growing increasingly pessimistic and already looking ahead to the consequences of missing next week’s Nov. 23 deadline.”



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