Supercommittee About to Announce Failure

Members of the “super committee” charged with coming up with $1.2 trillion in budget cuts are focused on how to announce failure to reach a deal, Democratic and Republican aides confirmed to CNN Sunday.

While aides said no final decision had been made, they acknowledged that — barring an unforeseen development — an announcement of an end to negotiations is the most likely scenario.

Talks on trying to reach a deficit reduction agreement are essentially over, and discussions are focused on a Monday announcement, a senior Democratic aide said.

Another senior Democratic source said, “No decisions or agreement has been reached concerning any announcement or how this will end. But, yes, the likely outcome is no agreement will be reached.” A Republican aide said, “I don’t think they’ve decided when they will do it.”

Members of the 12-member bipartisan debt committee said Sunday a wide chasm remains.



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