Super Committee to Defy Party Leadership?

As the Super Committee butts against a hard and fast deadline for reducing the deficit, a Republican and a Democratic lawmaker on Sunday say they must be willing to buck their leadership and go big on both cutting spending and adding revenues.

Reps. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, and Heath Shuler, D-N.C., are leading a group of 100 representatives who crafted a letter to the Super Committee calling for all options to be laid on the table in the quest to shave the federal debt. They are urging the panel to go past its mandate of $1.2 trillion over 10 years and find $4 trillion in debt reduction.

Less than $4 trillion “doesn’t pay down our deficit,” Simpson told “Fox News Sunday,” whereas $1.2 trillion is just “kicking the can down the road and, frankly, we are out of road.”

The Super Committee has until Nov. 23 to come up with its recommendations or face automatic cuts in military and entitlement spending. The congressmen said they may have to subvert their party leaders to get a deal done.

That’s part of the reason why they organized the campaign of more than 100 House members and 45 senators.



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