See, I Told You So: Dems Never Expected to Pass Jobs Bill in Senate

I’m often asked when I’m on the golf course — and I haven’t played much lately. I played once since August, twice, I’ve played twice since August. Well, I’ve done that on purpose, so I talk about it less so as not to tick off the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. I’ve only played twice. When I do play with a low handicap golfer or a professional I ask them, “Does it ever get boring hitting every shot where you intend to hit it? Does it ever get boring shooting 72?” and they look at me. They smile big and they say, “Never! It never gets boring being good.” I say, “But you always shoot 72. You never lose a ball. You’re never out of bounds.” “Oh, we do, you just never see it. We save our best for you amateurs just to make you feel even worse.”

Consequently people ask me, folks, all the time: “Does it ever get boring or old being right?” No. It never does. Then sometimes I’m wrong but you never see it. It never happens on the radio — and here, again, is another example: “Democrats Seek to Fracture Republican Unity in the Senate.” This story proves that I, El Rushbo, have been right again. Although this was not a tough one to be right about, but still I’ll take it. “Democrat operatives are quick to note that they never expected to pass the jobs bill through it Senate,” is the pull quote from the story. Never expected to pass Obama’s jobs bill in the Senate! That wasn’t the point. They never expected it to pass. They were trying to “fracture” the Republicans.



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