Rick Perry’s Brain Freeze — and Why the GOP Establishment is Angry at Conservatives

Perry, can he survive? Yeah, he’s still alive, he’s breathing today, and he’s laughing about it. I checked my e-mail on this and it’s running the gamut, but if you can believe, and of course I do because I received it, people are thinking, “You know, it makes him look more human.” Everybody who is a rank amateur has those moments of fright. You’re up there speaking to a group large or small and you have a brain freeze. It happens to everybody. (interruption) Yeah, it does, happens to me all the time. It’s just when it happens to me nobody knows it because I start talking about something else. I don’t stand there. Even doing this program, if I forget what I’m talking about, you likely will never know it. You might think that I’ve lost my place somewhere, forgot to finish what I was talking about, but I just move on to something else.

But look. I’m a highly trained broadcast specialist and communicator. And this is an important point. Perry, that’s not what he does. He’s a governor. He’s an executive. I’m not excusing him here or trying to make excuses, but we live in a television age, and it is what it is. Some people say sadly, some say it’s undeniable, but this is how we judge people who seek high office and other positions of power. How do they look on TV? How do they behave on TV? We’d rather get comfortable with the TV personality of them than know who they really are. If you look at Perry he’s obviously a damn good governor. The people of Texas love what he does as governor. He wins reelection after reelection, but he doesn’t come across on television particularly well. There’s something about people coming out of Texas, there’s this deer in the headlight thing when they show up on television.



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