Remember When John McCain Called Us Super Committee Doubters “Hobbits”?

It was McCain on the floor of the Senate, he read from an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, and that article referred to activists as Tea Party hobbits. And it was clear he agreed with the sentiment. I forget who wrote the piece in the Wall Street Journal. But it was about people who thought that siphoning off this debt deal to the super committee was a waste of time. Why do you think the super committee deadline is today? (interruption) Well, no, it’s because they want to get out of town for Thanksgiving. They want to get out for the Thanksgiving recess along with everybody else. And the reason it’s today and not Wednesday is that had they come up with something it takes 48 hours for it to go through the necessary process to officially be moved up to the next stage, down to the next stage or what have you.

But, folks, look. How many days now, are we up to two years yet that the Democrats have not presented a budget? I mean forget a super committee deal on spending, how many days in a row now are we up to that the Democrats have not presented a budget? We aren’t gonna get anything that smacks of any kind of budget reform from now until the election. It’s not gonna happen until after the election. And I can’t emphasize this enough. As far as Obama’s concerned, they can’t run on his record. He can’t do it. He’s gotta run against the Republicans, and the only way he can do that’s run against the do-nothing Congress. Therefore the Congress can’t do anything, it can’t be permitted to do anything. Plain and simple. There was never going to be a deal. That’s why the Democrats on that committee were appointed. They are not there to come up with a deal.
Everybody running around saying the committee is a failure, super committee a failure. How can they say it failed?

The super committee did exactly what it was supposed to do. It turned the issue from spending cuts to tax increases. Isn’t that what everybody’s talking about? There aren’t any spending cuts. And the reason nobody’s talking about spending cuts is because there aren’t any. Especially with the baseline budgeting, there’s no reduction in spending here, even if they had come up with an agreement to reduce spending. It’s just a reduction of what’s been agreed to be spent, but it’s still more than what was spent last year. There’s no cut here. So what they successfully did here was turn the issue from spending cuts to tax increases. Now they’re talking about the Bush tax cuts, how we need to raise taxes on the rich. That’s what their purpose was, because it’s a campaign tool and it preserved Obama’s plan to run against a do-nothing Congress, a do-nothing Republican House of Representatives, essentially. That’s what Obama’s gonna run against, a do-nothing Republican House. But that’s not failure to the left.



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