Pro-Lice Movement at Occupy Wall Street: All We Are Saying Is, Give Fleas a Chance!

We’re seeing the fruition here of 20-plus years of that kind of thinking. Newt says (summarized): “Okay, you people want access to all this? You want the public park you didn’t pay for, you want to use bathrooms you’re not paying for, you want to beg for food from corporations that you won’t pay for, you obstruct those who are going to work who will pay the taxes that end up feeding you? Yeah, that’s a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed and a moral sense in this country and why you need to reassert something as simple as, ‘Go get a job right after you take a bath.'” That is considered shortsighted, insensitive, and insulting, to suggest they go get a job. Even in a good economy, the left will say, “Oh, easy for you to say! It’s very insensitive.”

This is a serious thing. When you can’t say to somebody, “Well, go get a job then!” — when that is insulting, when that is insensitive — what if everybody decided to live like the people at Occupy Wall Street or Oakland or wherever? What if we all decided to live that way? What would happen? Now, I’m convinced that some of these kids at these Occupy movements, some of them are just there for fun of it. Their parents are rich and they feel a lot guilty so they’re just having some fun. Others are there because they’re true believers. But regardless they all think that the stuff that they have every day would continue to be there. I am convinced they have no clue how it comes to exist. They’re not taught this. They’re not taught Economics 101. It is genuine news to them when it’s explained.



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