Plug-In Car Industry Goes Up in Smoke

Despite proof now, despite evidence that global warming is a political issue, not a science issue, and that the science aspect of it is fraudulent and is a hoax, we have a story here from the French News Agency. “The World Has Five Years Now to Avoid Severe Warming.” That’s from the International Energy Agency. “The world has just five years to avoid being trapped in a scenario of perilous climate change and extreme weather events.” Now, the IEA — don’t confuse it with the IAEA. That’s the bunch that have been telling us for years that the Iranians are not working on a nuke. So things are reversible now, but they won’t be five years from now. Five years from now we’re toast. The LA Times said it, and others have said that there’s no warming. It’s all over the place here. But they won’t let this die. It’s a political issue and it’s an international left-wing hoax, this whole notion of manmade global warming climate change.

From North Carolina, Duke Energy — and I must tell you at the outset here I love telling you this, I love passing this news on to you. “Duke Energy is asking customers who own their electric car charging station to stop using the product after a house fire in Mooresville last month.” Did you electric car buyers ever stop to think about this? You know, as scared of life as the left is, they’re gonna have these charging stations, that’s electricity constantly running and somebody’s house is gonna catch fire and then the left is gonna shut down because that’s what they do. So it’s already happened, one house fire and
Duke Energy is telling everybody with a car charging station to shut it down. How many people are we talking about here?



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