Occupy Wall Street Update: Even the Parasites Have Parasites

“Zuccotti Protesters Put up Women-Only Tent to Prevent Sexual Assaults.” Oh, yeah! It’s in the New York Post. Politico has it right about something: Sexual assaults are a problem. It’s just they’re not taking place with Herman Cain; they’re taking place with Occupy Wall Street, the degenerates that make up that bunch of people. It’s a mistake anybody could make I guess if you’re The Politico. So we’re gonna be watching now for the next 100 stories of sexual abuse at Occupy Wall Street.

One hundred stories in the next five days from Politico about this. It’s a safe house from the sex fiends. (Well, there are no safe houses or safe tents in the middle of a mob run by community organizers.) That’s the big myth. “Zuccotti Park has become so overrun by sexual predators attacking women in the night that organizers,” were looking for Herman Cain. (Uh, just made that up.) “[O]rganizers felt compelled to set up a female-only sleeping tent yesterday to keep the sickos away. The large, metal-framed ‘safety tent’ — which will be guarded by an all-female patrol — can accommodate as many as 18 people and will be used during the day for women-only meetings, said Occupy Wall Street organizers. ‘This is all about safety in numbers,’ said Becky Wartell, 24, a protester from Portland, Maine.”



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