Obama Calls Americans Lazy?

Obama has put off a decision that would create tens of thousands of American jobs, the Keystone pipeline. And he’s put off a decision on the Keystone pipeline as a campaign issue for campaign reasons. His base does not want increased oil or natural gas reserves in this country. They don’t want more fossil fuels. Therefore, there will be no pipeline built from Canada down to the Gulf to handle delivery. Yet Obama runs around, he says we’ve gotta break our dependence on foreign oil, meaning particularly Middle Eastern oil. Canada’s an ally, and Canada’s our number one source for oil. I think Mexico’s two, Saudi Arabia’s three, somewhere in there. But the point is, what’s good for America is bad for Obama and his reelection. What’s good for America, bad for the Democrat Party.

Who is “we”? Once again, the president of the United States insults the people who make this country work. What has and hasn’t happened to make these mystery people lazy? Who is it that’s lazy? Who is it that’s not trying to attract business to America? Who is it that’s just expecting, taking for granted that people are gonna come here? We aren’t out there hungry, selling America. No, we’re not, because you, sir, are out there apologizing for us at every turn. We were trying to attract oil. We were trying to attract the business via the pipeline, the Keystone pipeline, sir, that you stand in the way of. Who’s Obama talking about here?

Boeing denied setting up a plant in North Carolina because of laziness? Is that why your NLRB told Boeing they couldn’t set up a plant in South Carolina? Or was it because you wanted to protect union jobs and Boeing’s jobs weren’t union? So is the president talking about American businesses who have something to sell who are trying to stay in business trying to stay one step ahead of the EPA, one step ahead of the IRS, one step ahead of Obama’s war on prosperity? I thought America’s businesses were too greedy all this time. I thought as I listened to President Obama that our problem was greed and selfishness and American businesses wanted all the money for themselves and they weren’t willing to share it and give it to anybody else. I thought that they were making too much money. We need to tell the world about our corporate tax rate, Mr. President, the second highest in the country. That might be a reason why.



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