“Groundbreaking.” “Memorable.” “Big.” “Remarkable.” “Intimate.” [?] “Wonderful.” “Great.” “History-making.” “Go Coco!”

The above statements were made by various media outlets upon learning of Conan O’Brien’s intention to preside over the wedding of a gay couple during the taping of his show “Conan” in New York this week.

O’Brien, who is celebrating his first year at TBS, is back in New York this week (for 16 years his previous show, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” was filmed in New York City). He announced last week that he was going to officiate a gay wedding because same-sex marriages are now legal in New York. The funnyman obtained an online certificate from Universal Life Church Monastery and on Thursday, Nov. 3, married his long time costume designer Scott Cronick to his Cronick’s partner in a traditional Jewish ceremony.

Let the media cheerleading begin.

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