Lib Judge Bars NYC from Enforcing Rules at Zuccotti Park

They cleaned out Zuccotti Park. Well, they tried to clean out Zuccotti Park. The cops went in there and they told everybody to get out, they’re gonna clean the place. “You can come back after we clean it up, but when you come back you can’t bring any tents or anything to stay overnight.” And they went out and found a judge, “Oh, no, you can’t do that, Mr. Mayor. If those people want to go back, they can go back. You can’t establish rules on these people after they’re there. You have to have these rules for them before they get there or you can’t have these rules at all.” Jeez, what a way to start the program. This judge, the name is Lucy Billings. She’s an ACLU veteran. She was found for this case by the National Lawyers Guild, which is the same communist front group that has represented all the terrorists at Club Gitmo, or Occupy Gitmo, whatever it’s called.



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