Is Reagan Shooter Too Dangerous to Walk Freely?

Government lawyers told a federal judge Wednesday that the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 went to a bookstore recently where he perused books on Reagan and people who’ve tried to assassinate presidents.

Prosecutors who want to ensure that John Hinckley Jr., is not released from a mental hospital told the court that Hinckley is deceptive and unstable. They said Secret Service agents who tracked Hinckley during a visit to his mom’s home followed Hinckley when he was supposed to be seeing a movie. Instead, he went to a bookstore across from the theater.

Hinckley “has a long history of deception,” they said, and “does whatever he wants and thinks he can get away with it.”

The lawyers are in court to review Hinckley’s case. Hospital officials want Hinckley to be allowed extended visits outside the mental facility — and eventually be released to live with or near his mother in Williamsburg, Va.



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