How logic, experience and the Bible say that the Republican economic approach is the right one

Let’s look at the two basic approaches by Republicans and Democrats in the super committee and in general.

The Democrats say: tax the wealthy more, then redistribute this to the poor.

The Republicans say: let people and companies keep the money they earn, which they can then use to build their businesses and hire more people.

What is the end result of each approach? The Republican way ends up with more jobs. Then Democrat way ends with more unemployed.

What does the Bible say? “Those who don’t work should not eat.” 2Thessalonians 3:10. And in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-25), the person who had 10 talents and made good use of them was given the talent of the person who had only one who didn’t make good use of it. (By the way, a talent in today’s dollars would be worth $480,000).

So, the Bible is into production and work, not supporting sloth.

We also have real life evidence that the Democrat’s way doesn’t work in that communism and socialism has failed in or hurt the countries who tried it.

The reasons why are: for growth and prosperity to happen there needs to be incentive for a person to work over and above their normal output. Also, it takes a lot of capital to start a business and hire people. Therefore there must be concentrated wealth in the control of one person. So either individuals have that control, or the government has that control. But should the government be making the decisions as to what to do with that capital? Hasn’t that turned out disastrously (e.g. Solyndra)? Whereas, if many individuals and the free market were to be allowed to determine that, there would be many projects that could be experimented with and supported by the marketplace, rather than the government forcing their pet projects on us whether we would have supported them or not, and using our money via taxes to do it.

The bottom line then, given the Bible verse in 2Thessalonians 3:10 is: the best way to help the poor is to create jobs for them. One way is to allow the free market to do this, as I’ve explained here. But in my book THE Solutions, I give a more aggressive way with a 10-phase plan that would guarantee zero unemployment. I’ll present that plan in a future article.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE Solutions (Simple, practical solutions to the biggest personal and societal problems … many of which you never hear by politicians, in the media and in schools). You can see it at



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