Herman Cain to get Secret Service protection

Two government officials tell CBS News that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been approved for Secret Service protection.

The Secret Service would not say why the decision was made. Cain has received threats as far back as when he was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

The Cain campaign would not confirm that Cain had been approved for Secret Service protection.

The news comes after the Cain campaign apologized after a CBS News/National Journal reporter was manhandled at a Cain event. The Cain campaign said after the incident that it was “reviewing our own internal security procedures.”

Then-Sen. Barack Obama received Secret Service protection on May 3, 2007. Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, who also sought the presidency in the 2008 cycle, already had Secret Service protection because he husband had recently been president; her official campaign protection began on November 29, 2007.



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