Here We Go Again: “Let Democrats Win!”

We’ve been through this. I’ve been behind the Golden EIB Microphone for, I think, the 24th year now, and I remember 1992. There were people back then that said, “Go ahead, Rush, let Clinton win. Let the country see just how bad it is, and we’ll win everything after that.” And people have said go ahead and let Obama win in 2008, let Obama win it. Okay, Obama did win it, and we see what happens. Obama’s reelection is still a possibility. I don’t like that thinking. I don’t like the thinking that says let’s let the country go to hell even further so that people will finally wake up and see what happens when the Democrats run things. What more do people need than to see what’s happened to the country now?

The problem is that 47% of the people aren’t paying any income taxes. Forty-seven percent of the people do not have a stake in what’s going on. Forty-seven percent of the population is content to be slovenly, lazy takers. That’s what being an American means to ’em. We don’t have time to play games and hope people figure it out. I understand your thought process here, but we don’t have time. I’ll tell you what ought to be happening right now. If you really want to know the truth, instead of letting things get worse, ’cause how much worse do we want ’em to get? At some point we can’t recover from it, it gets so bad. We’ve already lost a couple of generations of kids and their tax rates and what it’s gonna take to pay for what Obama has done in just two and a half years.

What really needs to be happening right now as part of our presidential campaign, there ought to be a race going on between our nominees, who’s gonna cut the EPA first, and then who’s gonna move over to the Department of Education and cut that, and then whatever bureaucracies we’re gonna tame, and whatever other spending we’re gonna cut back, because we’re long beyond the point where tinkering around the margins is gonna fix anything. If we are serious about what we say when we fear that the country hangs in the balance here, if we’re serious that we’re at the precipice, if we’re serious that four more years of this guy transforms America in ways that generations from now we might be able to turn it around, then we can’t afford to wait any longer, we can’t afford to let it get any worse.



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