GOP Eyes Senate, Not WH, in 2012

I’m questioned about this every day. For example, I’ve been inundated with questions from people, why did Karl Rove grant Gloria Allred credibility in this Herman Cain business? And the answer to me on something like that is obviously that Herman Cain’s not Karl Rove’s guy and this is a primary, an election, it’s a nominating process, and Karl wants his guy to win whoever it is.

Karl is probably opposed to Herman Cain for a bunch of reasons like he was opposed to Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle, not thinking they can win. He probably doesn’t think Herman Cain can win, if you want me to honestly analyze it. But I think that what inspires them here is that they’re still ticked off. I think some of these guys on our side, do you remember Mike Murphy? He was a campaign consultant and he was livid over Christine O’Donnell beating Mike Castle. He was just livid that Christine O’Donnell won that primary and that Castle didn’t have a prayer because Castle was the only guy that could win, and these guys — this is where it gets important — these guys are obsessed with being the ones to tell their candidates what to do to win and it’s basically get independents, get the middle of the road guys.



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