Fantastic Column on Occupy Explains Why They Prosper from the Miracle of Capitalism

A couple of stories here, very interesting about Occupy Wall Street. One of them is out of Harvard from Occupy Harvard site. It’s actually an website. And the headline, “Harvard Walks Out of Econ 10.” This is a classic story. “On Nov. 2, 70 Harvard students walked out of class in the middle of their introductory Economics 10 lecture to show solidarity with the Occupy Boston movement and protest the conservative bias they felt was present in their course.” At Harvard!

“Two weeks later, Rachel Sandalow-Ash, a Harvard freshman who organized the walkout with her classmate Gabriel Bayard, said it sparked discussion both during class sections and outside the classroom. ‘It can be easy for college students to exist in a bubble, and I believe that these actions have increased discussion and debate around some of the most important issues of our time,’ she said. The university has not punished the students who walked out.

“The students protested two main causes — the alleged bias in their economics class and increasing tuition and student debt. Students have also accused the professor teaching the class, Nicholas G. Mankiw PhD ’84, of showing a conservative bias. Sandalow-Ash believes that Mankiw, who acted as an economic advisor to George W. Bush, ‘was a key player in creating the very economic policies that led to financial instability.’ … The students chose to walk out of Economics 10 … because of problems students raised with the class, namely a ‘bias inherent in the class,’ which was identified in an open letter sent to Mankiw from the students who walked out.” So the students are mad at Harvard because they are not being taught enough liberalism. They’re not being taught enough liberalism in economics. They also went on to complain about the mathematical models.



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