Dems Don’t Want Super Committee Deal

I’m actually kind of shocked. I’m getting e-mails, people wanting to know if I think that the super committee is gonna actually come to their deal on November 23rd. “Hey, Rush, do you think the super committee is gonna come?” No. I predict to you right now, this is the congressional super committee that was created during the debt reduction fight. They gotta come up with a trillion or $1.5 trillion in cuts by Thanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving, or there will be $500 billion in Medicare cuts and $500 billion in defense cuts. And from what I gather there’s not gonna be a deal. The Democrats are under orders not to make a deal. The Democrats are convinced if they don’t make a deal, the Republicans are gonna get blamed for it, and that’s the objective.

So there won’t be a deal. There won’t be a deal. The Democrats are gonna see to it there’s $500 billion cut from Medicaid and blame the Republicans for it. That’s the plan. And $500 billion in defense and blame the Republicans. They are going to use their media bias advantage full tilt. That is what I understand is the strategery. No deal, Democrats are under orders from Pelosi and Reid not to make one, stall it, and when the deal goes south, say the Republicans just wouldn’t cooperate. They won’t be bipartisan, Republicans don’t want to get along with anybody. You know the drill.



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