Colorado Voters Reject Tax Increase to Fund Education

It’s not a good day for the left and you’re not gonna hear much about this. The media is not gonna talk too much about this. Colorado voters have rejected an attempt to raise state income and sales taxes to fund education. … With 38 percent of precincts reporting,” that’s when I printed this out, “Prop 103 was going down in flames across the state; 35% in favor of raising taxes, 65% against.” What’s the final number here? Da-da-da-da-da-da. It’s about that. Sixty-five, 35% is about what it ended up.

Also true in Denver. That was the vote breakdown in Denver: 86,978 ballots counted through 8:30 last night. The measure was failing 45-54%. Even in Boulder County — very, very liberal, and that’s the home of the person who supported in boondoggle — the measure was struggling. It was winning but just by a thousand eight hundred votes, 1800 votes. I’ve got a story here in the Washington Post somewhere. It’s in one of the stacks I have. Experts are saying, “Don’t look for 2010 to repeat itself in 2012! No, no, no, no, no. That isn’t likely,” say the experts. “Don’t look for that! That was an anomaly and isn’t going to happen again.” Right. “Both parties are in trouble. Don’t think this is just people mad at one party. People really can’t wait to take it out on all the incumbents out there.”



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