College Student Thinks the 1% Has All the Money and He Won’t Get Any

This guy who you probably think’s got what he wants and doesn’t spend any money, spends three hours every week paying bills, writing checks to people. This guy has 75 people who work for him. He pays each and every one of them. Over 20 years, only one has left. Nobody has been fired. He pays them much more than they would earn elsewhere because he loves them and likes them and doesn’t want them to leave, because it’s too big a hassle to replace them. People that work in his house, people that fly his airplane, people that captain his boat, sometimes earn twice what other people who do the same thing make. Because he likes them, they do a great job, and he doesn’t want them to leave. When this guy takes his airplane someplace, there are three people he’s paying on it.

There’s a flight attendant and there are two pilots. I don’t know what the total amount they’re paid is, but the amount that those three people are paid, if they were one person would put them in the top 1%. All you have to do is earn $387,000 a year in America and you are in the top 1%. If you earn $50,000 a year or more, Joshua, in a year, you’re in the upper 10% of earners in this country. The top 1%, bottom of that is $387,000. When this guy gets on his airplane, in addition to these three people, there’s what’s called the line crew. They work at the gas station that puts fuel in the jet. That fuel costs anywhere from four to five dollars a gallon, and it takes so much that you buy it by pounds. People who work for the gas station also are paid by the guy who owns the airplane.

So, in addition to the three people that are on the airplane, there are probably five or six servicing the airplane. Then there’s the mechanic in the hangar that services the airplane when it’s not flying. There are probably 10 or 12 people being paid to make sure that airplane can fly whenever it needs to. All of them make six figures, except the line crew. I’m not sure what they make, they’re paid by another company, but the company charges a lot. It’s the same thing with the boat, same thing with the house. The idea that the rich are not spending their money is so absurd. If the rich were not spending their money, we’d be a Third World country.



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