‘Bold and Unabashed’ – NPR Gushes Over Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank

NPR’s Tovia Smith sang the praises of Congressman Barney Frank on Monday’s All Things Considered: “Frank has proven both piercing and pithy, zinging one-liners….bold and unabashed.” Smith barely included any dissenting voices in her report, playing four sound bites from the staunch liberal and his supporters, versus only two from opponents.

Host Melissa Block noted how Rep. Frank is a “leading liberal voice and one of the first openly gay congressman” in her introduction for the correspondent’s report and added that “because his district has just been redrawn, he’d likely face a grueling reelection campaign.” Smith continued by stating that “some of the Democratic strongholds he’s represented for decades have been replaced by more conservative towns.”

After playing two clips from the Massachusetts politician, the NPR journalist touched on Frank’s apparent reputation: “Frank is known for not suffering fools gladly, and for being what friends call a pit bull. Indeed, even at his press conference today, he snapped at a reporter for what he called her attempt at a gotcha, and didn’t hold back when confronted by a local Republican party activist.” She followed this with a sound bite of an unidentified man holding the congressman responsible for the “financial meltdown.”



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