Ann Coulter on the Chicago Connection to the Cain Smear

I don’t know if this is breaking news, but I just found out about it. This Kraushaar babe, Karen Kraushaar, one of the — what is it now, five? — women alleging, something about Herman Cain. She says that she will… It is breaking news, CNN: She will not do a news conference without the other accusers. She won’t go out there alone. She’s only gonna do it as part of a panel. Like we said yesterday, “It’s a lot easier to escape scrutiny if you’re part of a crowd.” That’s true leadership, too. That’s guts and bravery and courage and all those things that you want in a government employee. “No, I’m not going out there unless all the other girls show up, too. It’s just that simple, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m not gonna be part of this.

“I’m not gonna subject myself, singularly and individually, to the retribution Mr. Cain and his powerful lawyer out to destroy us all. I’m not gonna do that. I’m only gonna do it if the other women will come forward.” Well, menstrual cycles synchronize. That’s how we get the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion in the US military. She said, by the way, Kraushaar, that none of the other accusers have returned her phone calls. They’re not responding out there to her phone calls. She’s trying to put this panel deal together and it isn’t happening. I’m looking here. Ann Coulter has a column about this at Human Events, and it’s… What did I do with it? Ah, this is the stack. Hang in there with me here, folks. Yeah, here it is.



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