A Revved-Up Rick Perry Woos a Conservative New Hampshire Crowd

Rick Perry gave the crowd tonight at the Cornerstone Action Dinner a peek at a different Rick Perry than the one that’s been on display in recent debates and television interviews.

Perry, who has received criticism over his lack of energy in some debates and speeches, adopted a more lively tone as he spoke to the conservative advocacy group, despite having to miss his Texas Rangers play in game seven of the World Series.

“Holy mackerel, I’ve held up my whole week,” Perry said as he recounted the prior night’s World Series game six. “I’ve held up my whole year, and we roll in here last night and, you know, at [a Rangers lead of] 7-4, and it’s awesome. It’s all going to be over with. The Texas Rangers, after 50 years, they’re going to win a World Series. Oops.”



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