Why is Eric Holder Still AG?

Since it’s Open Line Friday — Snerdley, stop screening a call for second. I want you to listen to this because have an effect on your future screening because I’m putting out a call there to liberal seminar callers. You liberal seminar callers who use Friday as your golden opportunity to get on the most listened to show in the country, maybe you call in here and tell me why Eric Holder is still attorney general when it clearly appears he was not forthcoming about the amount of information he was in fact provided about Fast and Furious. Why are you silent about this? Two hundred people are dead! You cringe at the loss of a single life (except in the womb). Where are you? A border agent is dead.

Oh, I guess that’s okay. Certain federal employees don’t deserve to live. Keeping the poor and oppressed of the world out of the country? Yeah, you don’t have to live; it’s okay if you die. Is that it? Two hundred people dead in a program that had as its primary purpose to undermine the Second Amendment. Eric Holder lied about the Marc Rich pardon. He lied, “I didn’t know Marc Rich did all that!” He shepherded that pardon outside of the normal procedures that take place for pardons. Presidents are not lobbied personally by advocates for the pardonee. It comes from the Justice Department, but Holder was Marc Rich’s advocate and he got a private meeting with Clinton and he didn’t tell him everything that he knew and he claimed, “I didn’t know it all,” just like he’s claiming now he didn’t know all this Fast and Furious stuff.



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