What is at the heart of the Occupy movement

As one of the original hippies in San Francisco where I grew up, I understand why the “Occupy” movement has happened. The movement has a couple of legitimate complaints – unfair wages and unnecessary wars, where American lives, limbs and money are being sacrificed to flawed foreign policies. But as has been pointed out, the goals of the protestors are sometimes vague and not shared as a unit. I say that the roots of this vagueness are an anger and passion fueled by personal emotional problems and a general anger at authority that is being expressed in a generic rebellion. The protestors, like many, are having a hard time in a society whose values in marriage/sex/family and inner peace are very out of harmony with how nature intends and what it rewards with good feelings and not bad ones.

As a side note, regarding unfair wages, isn’t it ironic that the protestors don’t mention the huge income of their idols – entertainers. Also how another of society’s idols – athletes – make far too much money. Why aren’t they being targeted as greedy? And the Occupy protests are happening during the millionaire vs. billionaire basketball lockout/strike, which is also currently in the news.

But that is a side point. Here is the main point.

I think that most of the protestors would fit the movie title: “Rebel without a cause.”
But as for some of the leaders of the movement, I have a chapter in my book The Plague Of Liberalism, titled: “Liberal smoke screens.” I also use the analogy of: Magician’s slight of hand. That is, liberal activists don’t want you to see the real agenda (mostly in the name of sexual freedom) that they are trying to get into the culture, so they make things up like global warming (which I also prove in my book doesn’t exist).

But something is energizing the passion of the average protestor. That is, they know that something is wrong in the culture. And that something has spilled over into their personal lives, causing them problems and upsets.

But they don’t REALLY know what that something is. So they take a stab in the dark and join in with others who seem to be defining it.

But like I said, a couple of their gripes are legitimate: unfair wages and unnecessary wars. But the most personally impacting problems have to do with sex/romance/marriage and inner peace.

Regarding war, the hippies also addressed this problem … which in those days, we were forced to go into military service because of the draft, and were seeing our family, friends and neighbors killed or wounded … as many as 58,000 in Viet Nam. And because there was a cold war then with the communist world, we couldn’t go all out in war, lest we risked devastating nuclear involvements with Russia and China, who backed North Viet Nam. But our reason for being there in the first place was flawed. And definitely not worth 58,000 American lives, plus injuries and money spent. That is, we can’t be the police of the world, nor should we. Aggressive conflicts take place all over the Earth, and we shouldn’t pay big prices to take sides, especially since we are imperfect. We should just work on perfecting ourselves, and then be a “shining light” to the rest of the world. In the Bible it says, “Why do you point out the splinter in your brothers eye when you have a log in your own? First remove the log in your eye.” And what is that log in American culture that we even promote “freedom” to have, which many in the world … especially the religious Muslim world, hate?

That gets me back to why the protestors here are upset. It’s that log. And it has to do with sex/romance and inner peace.

The hippie solution (and mantras) were “peace and love” and “do your own thing.” It needs to be recognized that there were two sides to the hippie movement: the organic side and the hedonistic side. The organic side was interested in discovering peace, love, spirituality, healthy eating, lack of vanity, psychology and deep philosophical conversations … while the hedonistic side was interested in stupefying drugs and “free love.” I experimented with both sides, but was definitely more inspired by the organic side.

Regarding “free love,” the pope at the time pointed out that “free love” was neither free nor love. And on observation of nature revealed that free love was also not nature’s intention, as is evidenced by its inventions of STD’s, jealousy and broken hearts. This led to the observation that nature’s intention is: one man for one woman for one lifetime. And marriage problems can always be worked out by two willing partners. In my new book, THE Solutions, I present a “3-step plan for how to prevent divorce and make marriage work.”

Regarding “inner peace,” the hippies relied on drugs. Generally they were the soft drugs, like marijuana, hashish and opium. But they often went to the very dangerous drug, LSD, for enlightenment. But because of the devastation that often happened with LSD (which I too personally experienced), the next wave in the hippie movement (as was spearheaded by The Beatles) was a big interest in eastern spirituality.

I learned a lot in that movement, and in psychology and philosophy as well. But I didn’t find inner peace and deep fulfillment until I got into the Bible. But because of my education in science and engineering, I had to prove that the Bible was not just another myth … which I did, and which I spell out in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true.

So in conclusion, movements like the Occupy movement will continually come up as part of the innate desire of the human spirit to grow and fulfill the reason why we’ve been made to be alive. And though it can be misguided, that is a good thing.

Dennis, who is a media veteran, can be contacted at (503) 650-8840 or [email protected] His book can be seen at http://www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com. His media kit can be seen at

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Reformed Hippie Reveals Reasons Behind the Occupy Movement

As one of the original hippies in San Francisco during the sixties, author and musician Dennis Marcellino understands what is driving the “Occupy” movement. He says that while the protestors do have some legitimate complaints, such as unfair wages and flawed foreign policy, overall their goals are vague. He can reveal the roots of the protesters’ rage and what led them to this point. The irony of rich celebrities supporting a movement vilifying those with extreme wealth is not lost on Marcellino, who, in his new book THE Solutions, has clear solutions to defuse the movement, including a 10-phase plan that would guarantee eliminating unemployment. He is a former member of The Tokens (who had the mega-hit “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) and Sly & the Family Stone. He has been featured on CNN, the ABC Family Channel, PBS, Good Morning San Diego, and many others nationwide. Contact him at (503) 650-8840 (OR); [email protected]



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