Do you know that if you earn $50,000 a year or more, you are in the upper 10% of wage earners in America? I love telling people that statistic. They don’t believe it, and it sort of puts this…

Do you know what it takes to be in the top 1%? Take a stab. What is it? Top 10%: $50,000 a year or more you are in the top 10% of wage earners. Take a stab at the floor, the minimum income that qualifies to be in the top 1%. Brian, what do you think it is? (interruption) You’re close. He said, “$500,000.” It’s $343,000 a year. If you make $343,000 a year, you are in the top 1%. Now, I know. I can hear members of the New Castrati, “Mr. Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! That is just silly, that’s just crazy! Everybody knows that the top 1% is the millionaires and the billionaires and the Fortune 500!” No, no, no, no. The top 1% starts at 343,000. There aren’t that many people in it. This is the whole point.

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