We Haven’t Lost Our Ambition and Imagination, Mr. President. You’ve Stifled It!

We haven’t lost our ambition, and we haven’t lost our imagination. You, sir, have stifled it. You and your party have stifled it. The people in this country have their imagination. The people of this country still have their dreams and their willingness to do things. You stand in the way. The federal government stands in the way. Mountainous regulations. We did build the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Hoover Dam, and the Empire State Building in ten years — and we did it in the middle of the Great Depression. You couldn’t do it today. Regardless the ambition, imagination, willingness, or desire, you couldn’t do it in ten years today. Look at Ground Zero in Manhattan. You couldn’t do it. I mean, physically it could be done, but it couldn’t be legally done.

The regulations, the obstacles, the environmental impact lawsuits, environmental destruction, all of that. No, couldn’t be done. Progress, growth, ambition are stifled by the American left. I’m reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the biography, and he developed a pretty good relationship with Rupert Murdoch because they were putting together a joint publication for the iPad called The Daily. In getting to know each other, Jobs invited Murdoch to his house for dinner a couple times and joked to Isakson that he had to hide the knives in the kitchen ’cause his wife was such a liberal and hated Murdoch. Jobs tells Isakson in the biography that he told Murdoch (summarized), “You’re blowing it with Fox News. The axis is not liberal-versus-conservative today.



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