The Regime Concocted Occupy Wall Street to Target Mitt Romney

I think, folks, the regime wants to run against Mitt Romney. That’s what I think. Here’s what I’m thinking. When do you think these Astroturf protests were first talked about, this Occupy Wall Street thing? How long have they been in the works, do you think? I have been asking myself this, ’cause this is not spontaneous eruption here. This is a well thought out plan. It’s just like remember back during the debate on an illegal immigration bill miraculously something like a million people showed up someplace or a hundred thousand showed up in Los Angeles or wherever, and we were told, “Yeah, that’s genuine passion out there.” No. It was all structured. It was organized. Just as this is. (interruption) What did you say? Pretty low turnout? You think it’s low turnout if it’s organized? Well, that’s ’cause they haven’t made enough sleeping bags yet. Yeah, there’s only 250 people sleeping there at night. That’s ’cause they refuse to buy, they’re not gonna engage in capitalism. Five hundred during the day, is that all? Because it’s being made to look like 50,000, some of these aerial shots it’s being made to look like 50,000. I still say it’s organized.

There’s no question it’s organized, and if all they can drum up is 500 people, then the whole thing’s a sham anyway. Now we gotta wonder how many people are being paid to show up down there. There’s George Soros money behind this. (interruption) Forget the numbers. Don’t sidetrack me here because I got a brilliant point. What do you think spawned this? How long have these protests been talked about? Three months ago? Five months ago? Who has been the leading Republican for most of the primary season until the debates? Romney. Exactly right. Perry was a recent entrant. Bachmann was a surprise winner in the Hawkeye straw poll. You talk to people today, Romney is the de facto nominee. In fact, there are people within the Republican establishment, I can tell you this, who are trying to convince others, since Bill Kristol struck out on Chris Christie, they’re throwing in the towel, and they’re running around and they’re trying to get everybody, “Okay, can we pick Mitt now, everybody unify, we gotta unify, we gotta pick somebody, do it now, do it early and get behind them a hundred percent.”



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