Smokers Deserve a Medal

They’re trying to ban it everywhere, including in the privacy of your own home — and yet you know how many health care programs are funded with the sales tax revenue from cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products? I have long maintained that smokers deserve our gratitude. In fact, I think there should be somebody chosen and a smoker should be given the highest medal that this country gives out, whatever it is. The Medal of Honor. If not that, the Congressional Medal of Honor, smokers are being told horrible things about themselves. They’re being told they’re rotten-to-the-core people; they are despicable, and yet they alone practically are funding children’s health care programs — and we are raising taxes on the sale of tobacco products, and that money is targeted (ostensibly) for health care programs primarily for children.

So we want them to keep smoking. Contrary to the so-called do-gooderness of the liberals who say they want everybody to quit, they want everybody to be healthy, “Let’s put less strain on the health care system,” and yet how does that jibe with setting up health care programs that depend on the sale of tobacco products to be funded? So smokers continue to pay these exorbitantly high prices. They continue to suffer the abuse — the verbal abuse; the onslaught, the attack on their freedoms — and yet they continue to buy and they continue to pay these higher taxes, all to support and fund health care programs for our children; and they’re still despised.



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