Senate Democrats Vote for More Rape and Murder

So we put out a call yesterday to murderers and rapists to call here and tell us if you’re worried and what you plan on doing. For example, if the jobs bill goes down in defeat, if the Democrats vote it down, which they did, are you gonna go commit more rapes? Or, on the other hand, if the bill passes, are you going to commit fewer rapes? Are you waiting for the Senate vote on this? Because the vice president’s made it sound — not made it sound — he’s assured, he has predicted, he has confirmed that if this thing doesn’t pass, that there will be more rapes, not just in Flint, Michigan, but everywhere. And who better to ask than rapists. I put out the call for rapists yesterday to call in, we didn’t get any. Snerdley is asking me now, it’s Open Line Friday, if the offer still holds. It’s Open Line Friday, Snerdley, what can I tell you? We’ll see what we get.

But it is clear that the Senate Democrats voted for more rape and for more murder yesterday by turning down the president’s job bill. I mean what else can you conclude, since the Democrat-controlled Senate failed to pass Obama’s jobs bill. It was a straight up and down majority vote. The Democrats control 53 seats in the Senate. They couldn’t even muster 51 votes for this vitally important bill to stop rape. So, apparently, it still hasn’t been broken down into small enough bite-size chunks for even the Democrats to swallow.



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