See, I Told You So: Sharia in Libya

When I checked the NAGs website, the National Association of Gals, and I don’t see any condemnation of the new Libyan leader’s vow to put Libya under Sharia law. That includes the reinstatement of polygamy. Men will now be allowed multiple wives in Libya. Up to four. You can have harem after harem after harem. “As an Islamic country, we adopted Sharia as the principal law,” said Mustafa Abdel Ja­lil, head of the national international teachers — I’m sorry — the National Transition Council. “Any law that violates Sharia is null and void legally.” He then told thousands in Benghazi, the birthplace of the uprising last week at Khadafy’s death that all men will again be free to take up to four brides without restriction.

And of course as we mentioned earlier, in accordance with Islamic law, bank interest will be capped at three and a half percent. So each guy can have four wives. No condemnation from the NAGs. So here we have the Arab Spring of democracy, bringing back polygamy. We hear basically that this is it. We have the new leaders of Libya promising to institute Sharia law and to do away with any laws that aren’t based on Sharia, and we predicted it, warned you, that’s what the audio sound bites were all about. Libya is going the same way as Tunisia. It’s going the same way as Egypt. The most organized forces are taking power. And somehow they always turn out to be the so-called moderate Islamist parties. They’re still being described as the moderate Islamist parties in the US media!



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