Rush Limbaugh at Career Crossroads?

I’m asking myself, “Have I reached a career crossroads here?” This is a new experience for me. (interruption) Well, it is. I mean, I’ve really been agonizing over this in a career sense, and I have been dealing with it as best that I go. So I just wanted to share all this. So I figure Open Line Friday… (interruption) Oone thing I don’t care about? One thing I don’t care about? Uhhhhhh… Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta. Well, I’d have to go to the stack here. I’ve got some stuff in the stack I really don’t care about. I just put it in here because I figured I have a duty to discuss it. Uhhh… Ta ta ta. Ta ta ta ta. I don’t know. I’ll tell you as I go through the stack, as I do the program. I’ll start out by saying, “Folks, I really don’t care about this, but here goes.”

Will that suffice you? But I’m not gonna tell you the things that I do care about that I’m not talking about. I mean, that would defeat the whole purpose. Because if I tell you about the things that I do care about that I’m not talking about, then I’m talking the things that I do care about violating my own rule because I’m assuming you don’t want to hear it. That’s the assumption that I’m making. (interruption) Well, it could be a wrong assumption. It’s the assumption that I am making. Eh, we’ll see. In the meantime, I have to take a brief time-out here. We’ll come back, we’ll get started with all of the program today. In fact, let’s just do this now. Grab audio sound bite number two. Let’s go back Wednesday, just two days ago — just two days. It’s stuff like this that makes me think, “Okay, maybe I haven’t lost it,” ’cause that’s what I’ve really been worrying about: “Have I lost it?” Snerdley, I’ve talked outta here every day the past month thinking, “This has to have been boring as hell to listen to. Just has to be,” and I worry about it, ’cause every day this show I do for the audience. I don’t do it for me. Well, I do do it for me. That’s crazy. But I do it for the audience. I know what the audience expectations are, and they are high, and the objective here is to meet and surpass them each and every day. When I think I’m not doing that, I get depressed in terms of letting people down.



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