Pass This Bill? Harry Reid and the Democrats Refuse to Vote on It!

Let me set the table for you. You have Obama for the last four weeks: He’s had this miniature book. He’s been waving it around at every campaign stop. He’s been saying, (imitating Obama) “Pass this bill now. Pass it now, my jobs bill. Pass it now.” Demanding that Congress pass his jobs bill, the $450 billion worth of tax increases. The bill never intended to be signed, the bill never intended to be passed. It’s there for the express purpose of allowing Obama and the Democrats to say the Republicans are the obstructionists. Okay, cut to the Republicans. The Republicans still quake in their boots over what’s said about them by the mainstream media. So Obama says Republicans are standing in the way of you getting a job. Republicans are standing in the way of new roads and bridges and schools and all the infrastructure crap that’s supposedly contained in the bill.



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