OccupyWallStreet Protesters Go On Private Property And Threaten To Disrupt Business

I’m actually amazed that this guy left that restaurant with a full mouth of teeth. The guy at the end of the video who was sitting at the bar and then went up to one of the extortionists – that’s what they are, don’t kid yourselves – looked like he was going to do something but backed off.

The spokesman – holding a beer he just bought from the “union buster” he’s protesting – couldn’t embody the entitlement mentality of the entire “Occupy” movement any better if he tried. Smug. Brazen. Dumb.

First, he is claiming to stand up for the rights of union workers by violating the rights of the restaurant owner and the people who went there to enjoy their evening. Second, the “offense” didn’t occur at the restaurant. Third, annoying people is probably the worst way you can get your message across. It’s stupid any way you look at it. They top it off by threatening to come back until the owner does what they demand.



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