Obama’s Teleprompter Stolen on Debt Man Riding Tour

Debt Man Riding, Part 2. Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, out there on another bus tour wasting precious fuels, polluting the skies, ruining the climate, when all he would have to do is walk to the Capitol. All he needs is votes from Democrats in the Senate. If he really wants to pass this boondoggle of a jobs bill, just walk across the Capitol, get over there to the Senate, and get those two extra votes. Voila, done! But, no, he has to get in a Canadian-made bus and drive all over North Carolina. He was in Asheville. You know, Asheville, where the famous Vanderbilt estate is, Asheville, North Carolina, he’s there, he’s flitting all around.

And you’ve heard the story about the truck carrying Obama’s teleprompters and other electronic equipment being stolen. Now, we can’t confirm that the teleprompter was actually stolen. The truck was, and the truck was recovered. Whether the prompter was actually stolen, we don’t know. But we do have some evidence, ’cause Obama did speak, and there was no teleprompter. This is what it sounded like.



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