Obama Uses MLK to Embrace Bigoted Wall Street Protesters

OBAMA: In the first decade of this new century we have been tested by war and by tragedy, by an economic crisis and its aftermath that has left millions out of work and poverty on the rise and millions more just struggling to get by. Indeed, even before this crisis struck we had endured a decade of rising inequality and stagnant wages.

RUSH: There it is, blame Bush, blame your predecessor, like a spoiled little man-child go ahead and blame everybody but you, everybody but yourself. It’s over two and half years. Obama owns it. You know the old saying by the Republican leader, Colin Powell, “You break it, you own it.” Go to a store, you break something on the shelf, you own it, you buy it. You go to a country, start a war, blow it, you own it. You come up with economic policies designed to destroy the country and succeed, you own it. Nobody else did it, Mr. President.



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