By the way, folks, the White House is denying that there were ever any plans for Obama to apologize to the Japanese for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The regime is claiming now that the WikiLeaks cable has been misread. The regime says it was anti-nuclear groups who were speculating that Obama might apologize, that Obama never was going to apologize. They claim that the idea never came from the regime. And if you read the cable, I’ve got the cable here, and it does seem like this is possible. According to Fox — (interruption) what is that? Oh. Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh, do you know what happened here? The South Korean president is in Detroit wearing a Detroit Tigers cap. It didn’t look right, didn’t know who it was. Then it finally hit me when I saw a graphic.

But here’s what I just read. Obama fed the guy Japanese food. No, I’m not kidding. I gotta find it. Yes, he fed the guy Japanese. He fed the South Korean high-up Japanese food. I just read that during a commercial break, went in and out — (interruption) was there a state dinner? Well, yeah, then that’s where he served the Japanese food, at a state dinner, served Japanese food. Served Japanese food to a Korean guy. There he is, wearing a Detroit Tigers hat. First glimpse I said, “What is this, some union guy?” President Obama and the South Korean president toured a regime auto plant today. General Motors auto plant. Yeah, I’m gonna find this. Now, I don’t remember where I read it. It’s one of these things. I glanced at it, halfway even believed it. (laughing) Obama served the South Korean president Japanese food.

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