MUST WATCH: Perry Uncorked In One Of His Wildest Speeches Yet

Texas Governor Rick Perry may be sinking in the polls, but that doesn’t seem to be making him gloomy on the stump. Indeed, judging by a performance in Manchester, NH on Friday night, quite the opposite seems to be the case.

One unknown audience member cut the 25 minute speech into roughly 8 minutes of what the Huffington Post called “the giddiest and strangest moments.” However, according to a HuffPo reporter: “it does capture elements of his speech that were widely remarked upon in the crowd by those who saw the speech.” Even Machester’s mayor, Ted Gatsas said of the speech, “It was different.”

So what was so different about it? Well, it showed a very different side of Perry from the one familiar to the broader public from the debates, his sombre launch speech, and his giant prayer session.

Indeed, judging by this, if Perry misses out on the presidency then he could probably have a pretty good career as a stand-up comedian.

The speech is full of the sort of tics, facial contortions, mimes and muggings that one would expect from a comic performer.



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