Media Smeared Tea Party, Loves ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Left-wing protesters have occupied Wall St for about two weeks. There have been 1,000+ arrests, shutting down of bridges, an assault on a police officer, calls for violence by liberal celebrities such as Roseanne and Michael Moore and Van Jones….and other leftists like Russell Simmons and Susan Sarandon have lent their support. The very small band of radicals have cost NYC revenue and reputation. I’ve yet to see a critical report from the MSN on these protesters, despite their ridiculously unintelligent socialist manifesto, violent language and behavior and general lack of bathing.

Consider the fact that the MSN called the Tea Party violent racist rubes and did everything it could to marginalize and smear the limited government movement…yet I don’t recall a single arrest or act of civil disobedience among the thousands of Tea Parties across the country over the last several years. The MSN devoted resources into investigating Tea Party sugar daddies but have shown no interest in who’s funding Occupy Wall St…who want to radically transform the economic and social pillars of this country.

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