Media Hyperventilates Over Herman Cain Smoking Ad

I want you to hear these sound bites. The media is going nuts over the Herman Cain ad. First, here is a montage from yesterday and last night, and the reaction, the State-Run Media hyperventilating over Herman Cain’s smoking ad. It tells you so much about how insane our society has become about smoking and political correctness. There is a humorless doom-and-gloomism out there, and if you drag on cigarette, if you show a picture of somebody dragging on — I mean Hollywood is famous, everybody in every movie it seems smokes. Have you noticed? You can’t watch a Hollywood movie without somebody picking up a cigarette a number of times throughout the movie. And you never hear Chris Matthews and the rest of the media elite going nuts over that. But here’s Herman Cain and his ad.



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