Media Hopes for Another Kent State

I’m just looking at some videotape here, some Occupy protest somewhere. It was on MSNBC and it was total chaos. They didn’t identify where it was. We have been talking the next phase of this Occupy stuff is pretty large civil disobedience. There are pockets of it that have sprung up in Oakland, Atlanta, other places, but that’s the next phase of this, especially if ACORN is involved. And this is all part of a master plan to create unrest and chaos, general frustration, dispirit people who oppose President Obama. Everything that’s going on here, folks, is designed to make it appear as though you and I are the smallest minority in the world. The country’s passed us by, we are relics of a bygone era; we’re not with it; we’re not hip, and we’re just supposed to slink away, fade away, shut up and let these people have what they want and do it the way they want to do it and it’s over. They want a defeatist attitude in as many of us as they can create. It’s all part of a plan and they’re rolling this out, media paying attention to it, keeping it alive by design.



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