Rick Perry announced his tax plan today, which I’ll go on record as saying I, El Rushbo, think is great. It’s fabulous. I like it. And the left is coming unhinged. We have just two examples. First from Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, who was on MSNBC today, interviewed by the anchor Thomas Roberts, who said, “What is your reaction when you hear how Rick Perry is talking about President Obama and the fact that he says he’s only given big government schemes that have failed the American people?”

It is a return to fiscal sanity. We don’t have the money we’re spending now. We’re broke. Look at our annual deficit. Look at the national debt. If something isn’t done about this in a major way, not just tinkering around the edges, you know, taking the top rate from 35 to 38%, that’s not gonna make any difference. Raising the retirement age to 67, whatever, that’s not gonna make any appreciable difference. There has to be genuine structural, systematic change here if we’re serious about this. And this is my point. We have a bunch of candidates who are dead serious about this with their proposals. And measured against the status quo, of course they’re radical. But what’s truly radical is destroying the country. What’s truly radical is destroying the private sector, which is what is being done now. That’s what’s radical.

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