Liberal Says Cain’s Love For Cornbread Is ‘Troubling’

Ulli Ryder, a faculty member at Simmons College, wrote a lengthy tirade on Cain accusing him of using racist language in his speeches.

Ryder was especially offended by his use of the phrase “shucky-ducky” and Cain’s announcement that his Secret Service codename should be “Cornbread.”

“For some people, these are nothing more than charming phrases; but for others, they raise the specter of race in ways that are unsettling,” the professor wrote. “For example, “shucky-ducky” is a nonsensical phrase often associated with uneducated Southern blacks. Cain’s wish to be called “cornbread” is also troubling, since it can be viewed, like watermelon and fried chicken, as a stereotype applied to blacks.”

I’m assuming Simmons College is an accredited institution.

The professor with a distaste for cornbread accused Cain of using self-deprecating humor to put white audiences at ease.



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