iPhone 4S Crowds Bigger Than Occupy Wall Street

And these people don’t sound like they want to pay for anything. These people create the impression that they think things should be given to them. (interruption) I haven’t activated it yet. I got my iPhone today. (interruption) No, my master computer is the one at home. I can’t activate it on this one. I could give it a shot with the wireless but I had to do show prep today. I didn’t have time to take off… (interruption) I had one problem with iCloud but it was a computer problem. It wasn’t an iCloud problem. I had to reboot my computer in order to get all of the mail to sync, but I had no problem. Everything — on, what was it, Wednesday? — went smooth as silk. But I must be honest; I had a couple things in advance of Wednesday. Basically all I had to do Wednesday was iCloud, and it’s a (snapping fingers) snap, and it works exactly as advertised. Simply amazing. The piece de resistance, of course, will be this afternoon when I activate the new iPhone 4S. I have it sitting right there. Hee-hee-hee. It’s in the sack. I opened the box; I looked at it and compared it to the 4. It’s identical. The only thing different is that the three buttons (the mute button and the volume buttons) are a little lower, but it’s not enough of a difference to make my case (you know, my Mophie) obsolete.
So I don’t have to buy any new accessories for it.



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