I’ll Support the 2012 GOP Nominee, but This Isn’t the Time to “Set Aside” Ideology

the Gallup poll from October 2007 — and here’s the headline: “October Gallup Poll Has Obama, McCain Down by Double Digits.” It’s at the same point in the campaign as we are now. McCain was at 16% in October of 2007. You know who was leading the Republican nomination at this time in 2007? Take a wild guess. I’ll bet nobody comes up with it. I’ll bet nobody comes up with it. Rudy Giuliani at 32%. Fred Thompson was two at 20%. John McCain in third place at 16%. Romney in fourth place at 9%. Huckabee in fifth place with 7%. Ron Paul in last place at 2%. On the Democrat side, Obama was also down by double digits to Clinton and Edwards. Clinton was Hillary. She was near 50. Edwards was around 28, and Obama was at 11.

This time, 13 months out. Now, given that, keep in mind here that we’ve got everybody telling us, “Let’s just put it all to bed, here. Let’s just drop our ideology, put it aside, and let’s just go ahead and nominate Romney. Let’s just go ahead and nominate Romney,” and our eventual nominee at this time in the 2008 campaign was McCain at 16%. And what changed? I’ll tell you what changed was West Virginia and Florida. That’s what happened. That’s where McCain teamed up with Huckabee. Giuliani bombed in Florida, and Romney and Huckabee teamed up in West Virginia to give McCain Romney’s supporters there and then of course Charlie Crist endorsed McCain in Florida, and pfft! That was it. But it was the primary process that flushed all of this out. Look what’s happening now. Republican establishment says, “Ah, let’s put everything aside, here. We have our nominee. We need our nominee now. We need to get going on this.”



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