GOP Leaders Fear Another Debt Fight

A lot of people who work for the, quote, unquote, “corporation” don’t like it, either. They think they’re underpaid. The same things happen in corporation that happen in any other organization of human beings. Everything that happens in every club, in every group of people happens in a corporation. But they have this mental characteristic in their head of a corporation that it’s superhuman, that it’s all powerful, that it is robotic, and that it’s evil. It’s devoid of any reality. Now, I want to go back to the first story that you talked about with the triggers and how the Republicans and Democrats are trying to erase the triggers as the obstacles that are in their way to further spending. You gotta keep in mind, now, the story is in The Politico.

I know some of the guys at Politico, and I don’t mean to be impugning the Politico, but it’s clear that the Politico has sympathies toward Obama and the Democrat Party and so forth. But this story in The Politico makes it sound like the Republican leadership — John Boehner, who you called the “Weeper of the House. I caught that. The story in The Politico makes it sound like the Republican leadership is afraid that another standoff over debt will hurt the Republican reelection effort. It is the same thing, and the reason that the Republicans… If the Politico is right — and I’ll end that as a caveat. If the Politico is right, the Republican leadership doesn’t want another debt ceiling fight ’cause they’re afraid of the impact it will have on their reelection effort.



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