ESPN was too “politically correct” regarding the Hank Williams Jr. comment

Hank Williams Jr. is an entertainer. And as an entertainer his style is to be bombastic and exaggerating and even bordering on anger.

But that’s also a very common style with many football fans and is even at the heart of why a lot of people find football entertaining.

You can hear it in bars across the country and in homes where the football games are being watched. It’s a way of releasing anger, which is exactly what the “entertainment” of football ties into. Not that anyone would have anything to be angry about with Obama 😉

I’m sure Hank was trying to be entertaining with his comment, much like guys in bars or in personal conversations.

In fact, this really is in the same style that’s in the song that Hank sings on the show.

And you’ll have to excuse us ESPN if we’ve lost respect for this president and choose to gravitate towards wanting to vent our anger at how he’s hurt and conned this country through exaggerated statements and that style of humor.

Was your motive for reprimanding Hank that you saw what he said as demeaning to the office of president? Well there are a whole lot of us out here (which you’ll find out in 2012) who never saw Obama as president, and have just seen that office as vacant since 2009. Therefore it is not showing disrespect to the office when Obama is mocked, just his policies. The mocking is just an expression of disgust for how that office has been abused and ineptly carried out. So you’ll have to forgive us if we let our disgust slip every once in a while through humor. And I’m sure that a large chunk of the audience for Monday Night Football would agree.

It doesn’t appear that you understand your audience.

But a bigger question here is: why shouldn’t Hank be allowed to express himself EXACTLY as he feels? Isn’t free speech a constitutional right? And why aren’t liberals who say far worse and definitely more inaccurate things ever reprimanded? I guess it’s because the liberals control a big part of the media and mainstream institutions. Hopefully, for the sake of the nation, that will change some day.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism, which can be seen at



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