Dictator Obama Orders His Staff to Create Jobs Without Congress

So Obama convened a meeting of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. He just said: To hell with Congress. “I’ve told Jeff and Gene and Valerie, all the other advisors sitting around the table, have at it. We’re not gonna wait for Congress. We’re just gonna implement this jobs bill however we can. He’s speaking to a union audience, the very people he wants to funnel the money to. These are the people gonna get the money. There is no jobs. There are no jobs. It’s a tax bill! It’s money laundering. These are the people that are going to get the money, and they will turn around and send some of it back to Obama to run his campaign. Now, if he had the administrative power to create jobs without Congress, why is he waiting until now to order his staff to act?

I’m just playing this under a hypothetical tent: If he has the administrative power to create jobs without Congress, why wait? Why didn’t he do this the first month of the regime? But beyond that, here is the president openly, with cameras and microphones in the room, basically saying, “You know, I may as well be Hugo Chavez. I don’t care. If the Congress won’t act, I’m gonna get the money to you anyway.” He’s saying that to his union audience. “I don’t care.” Why didn’t he just cut out the middleman? That’s what he’s talking about: Congress is the middleman here. Just cut out the middleman and just order his staff to send the money to Obama 2012 campaign.



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