On Wednesday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Washington, D.C.-based CNN contributor Carol Costello asked viewers a truly pressing and important question: How would Jesus feel about the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd?

“The question is, ‘Would Jesus occupy Wall Street?’” Costello said. “It’s an interesting question.”

Costello cited a Sydney Morning Herald article in which a Vatican official said people should evaluate whether business “is not leading to our welfare, to our good.” Costello said the answer could be “yes.”

“Occupy Oakland protesters hurled paint at riot police, [and] riot police hurled tear gas,” she said. “Jesus here? Some argue yes, and the Vatican seems to be backing them up. The Sydney Morning Herald reports a Vatican official says the Wall Street protests are justified. Pope Benedict himself has called for overhauling global financial rules because the gap between rich and poor is so wide.”

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